Dear A,

Some thoughts in no alphabetical order


You are rightly the first letter of the alphabet,

‘Coz you represent the first state of consciousness.

When mortal beings awake and arise

And perceive through their senses

The world outside of them

You hit them with the seeming undeniability of material existence

You are the first letter children learn to write

They ace their answers

When they bridge the gap

Between two slanting lines

A for apple

Is what they’re taught

Starting learning by paying proper filial obeisance

To their earliest ancestors Adam and Eve

A is V for victory in disguise

When man inverts his consciousness

And sub-conscious dreams go to rest

A for Angel of mercy finally sets him free


With love and appreciation,



Photo by Arun Kumar from Pexels

This blog post is in response to a writing prompt.

A Letter to Letter A | Daily Inkling

My warm greetings to all the super talented,inspirational and encouraging WordPress bloggers across the globe.

I humbly thank Mathew Estes for the mention and the challenge.
His blog https://normalhappenings.com/ is  about appreciating everyday life. Do go over and read the many inklings. Like,comment and share.





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